OK, so here’s me. A normal ‘end user’ person, who’s interested in Ubuntu, but no good at programming.

I uninstalled Windows 8 to install Ubuntu because I believe in open source, and I believe that Ubuntu COULD be amazing. Here’s my list of things that Ubuntu needs if it’s going to attract people like me to the platform.

  1. Software to be installed via ‘normal’ downloads in the same way that I can download software to windows. The software centre is great, but please, just start uploading files which I can click on and install. It’s something MAC and Windows users are used to. Don’t change it.
  2. A way for Ubuntu to look at all my hardware and just… ‘know’ which drivers I want, then just get them all. End users don’t know if they have intel GFX or AMD, or whatever, it just needs to figure it out in the install and sort it out.
  3. The “change display” button doesn’t work so well. This needs fixing.
  4. Unity Tweak tool needs to be installed by default, and it should prompt you during install how you want it to work. The ‘move mouse top left’ to see all the windows thing IS COOL ok? Those things need to be in default, because without them, end users just think the OS is boring.
  5. Install/uninstall needs to be tied into the right click of icons. So, in the unity tweak bar, I should just right click an icon and be able to uninstall it.
  6. I still have no idea where my applications go when I install them. I know I can press the windows key and search for them, but I forget what they are called. This needs fixing - some kind of ‘start’ button, or SOMETHING is really a requirement at this point. I realise the whole ‘search’ thing IS GREAT ok, but for end users, they need simplicity.
  7. The software centre needs to have a ‘sources’ install thing by default. So, sometimes, I look for a program I need to install and I have to add a repository, or some such thing. I have no idea what that is. I have to open terminal to do this, which means Ubuntu has failed as an end user system at this point. The software centre should just, somehow, contain EVERY app ever made for Linux. Why is this a problem?
  8. A touch pad driver that doesn’t suck. Every time I tap my touchpad by mistake, the cursor moves to that point on the screen. This sucks. I have no idea which driver I need to fix this…
  9. Why can’t I auto hide the status bar? Screen real estate is important, and because it’s at the top of the page it’s constantly in my main line of sight. I want it gone with a simple command so I can get that precious 20px back.
  10. A short tutorial on basic commands - The commands are what make Ubuntu awesome. That whole ‘desktop’ switcheroo, is AMAZING. I bet most end users miss that, and I bet they don’t get anywhere near as far as Unity tweak tool with the gestures for showing all windows etc… A super quick demo at the beginning of install would be AMAZING.
  11. A media centre by default. XBMC is cool, perhaps this can be integrated somehow? When people get movies, music, etc, there needs to be a place I can go where all that looks awesome, downloads all the meta data, and generally makes people go “WOW!”. Maybe Ubuntu already has this, but if it does, I’ve missed it, and this is a problem. Perhaps this should be built into the installation/tutorial as a sort of “LOOK AT THIS FEATURE USERS!” part…
  12. Probably some other stuff. I’m a committed ‘normal’ user now, so I am going to post some more things that Ubuntu needs for normal none codey people like myself. I love ubuntu, I just want it to get better